I'm so happy to see you here on your journey to being more mindful! This is my online mindfulness school where I share resources on mindfulness, meditation, and values-based living. 

My mission is to contribute to a more mindful society. One where individuals practice awareness, acceptance, kindness, compassion, curiosity, and nonjudgment. I believe mindful individuals foster loving and understanding communities from which we can all benefit. 

If you share the vision of a more peaceful and caring world, I'd be honored to have you join me here so we can be mindful together 🤗 

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Are you interested in mindfulness and/or meditation? Not sure? Start here!

FREE - Mindfulness Micro-Practice Toolkit

This is a FREE course that has everything you need to start practicing mindfulness and meditation in just 3 minutes a day! 

Learn what mindfulness is and isn't and practice alongside me with a week's worth of exercises. Yes, you CAN experience benefits such as freedom, calm, joy, and inner peace in just 3 minutes a day. Sign up to see for yourself!

FREE - The Mindful Body Guide

Get my free 13-page guide on using your five senses to feel more grounded, present, and at ease! Practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime in minutes ✨

The Mindful Body Course

Feel more at ease within moments! Learn the 5 key exercises to reduce stress and overwhelm while increasing peace, joy, and gratitude in less than 10 minutes a day!

Core Values Assessment

The Core Values Assessment is one of my most popular exercises in individual sessions.

It produces an extraordinary amount of clarity from which you can understand why life may seem unsatisfying and how to move forward in a way that feels fulfilling - on a regular and ongoing basis.

Identify your core values, understand what they mean to you and how to use them to set short and long-term goals, and start living a life you love that is in complete alignment with who you want to be. You can be that person now!

Mindful Wonderland

Mindful Wonderland is a 5-day immersive experience held through a messaging app. It includes a collection of mini-trainings, voice notes, journaling prompts, and meditations to help you integrate mindfulness seamlessly into your life on YOUR schedule!

Whether you're here for the meditations or the guided support (or both 🤗), this collection will help you:

  • Be more present
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Experience more joy
  • Feel more gratitude
  • Practice compassion and kindness
  • Become conscious of your impact and values
  • Make decisions that are in line with the kind of person you want to be... so that you get to live the kind of life you love ❤️

All Access Course Pass

Unlock Everything! Get the All Access Pass and unlock all the course modules on the site!

Not only do you get a discount bundling everything together, but you also don't have to spend the time and energy signing up for every course individually! 

Meditation Library

Access my Meditation Library to start, continue, and enrich your mindfulness practice ✨ 

VIP Day - Telegram 1:1 Chat

What could you do with a full day of talking to your own personal Coach? Whether you prefer writing or voice notes, my eyes and ears are all yours for the day! 🤓

Get my expert take on any topic related to mindfulness, meditation, and values-based living! (And that last one encapsulates A LOT 😉) Basically, let's talk about what YOU need to create a life full of joy, peace, fun, & love ❤️ Or, whatever else is important to you 🤗

Thriving Through Imperfection: Practical skills for mental clarity, emotional wisdom, and aligned action

An 8-week group program to support you in living life imperfectly!

Learn essential skills to help you manage challenging thoughts, emotions, and situations while improving your overall wellbeing 🤗 

-> Debunk brain junk!

-> Confidently make decisions and solve problems 🙌

-> Experience genuine freedom, self-trust, and thrive unconditionally ✨

Includes a community of conscious supportive humans doing their best ❤️

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