Mindful Wonderland

(The story behind the experience. The live round runs periodically, and you can purchase the full experience to re-create the immersion for yourself anytime 🤗)

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I would be more, do more, act more if only… 

  • I remembered
  • Someone asked me
  • I wasn’t so busy
  • Had more time
  • Didn’t have as many responsibilities
  • Didn’t work so much
  • Had more help
  • Other reasons of choice…

Then this is for YOU.



If you’ve heard about mindfulness, tried some apps on your own, or occasionally even went to a group meditation, but have never been able to stick to a daily routine or know what daily mindfulness looks like… 

This is for YOU.

Whether you’re interested in meditation or not, you want to be more PRESENT. 

You want to experience more JOY. 

You don’t want to be so STRESSED. All. The. Damn. Time. 

Then this is for YOU.

The LIVE experience includes:

➡️ 5 Full days with a mindfulness coach in your pocket 🤯

➡️ 5 Full days of guided meditations 🧘‍♀️

➡️ 5 Full days of check-ins, reminders, and journaling prompts to do the things that will actually get you UNSTUCK and moving forward 🏃‍♀️

The COURSE includes:

✅ Lifetime access to all the recordings and materials from previous live rounds

✅ The ability to join any future Live round 🎊

✅ Journaling prompts across different modules to enhance self-reflection

This is so much more than your basic mindfulness app. 

This is not a meditation group. 

And it’s not a one-off coaching session.

This is a full 5-day immersive experience where you will come out 10x more mindful on the other side and truly understand what it’s like to be mindful every day. 

The Details

Me, in an intimate group setting with other individuals who all want the same things you do. 

To feel happy. To be at peace. To experience more love. To just relax and be.


Through the power of mindfulness. 

The hardest thing about practicing mindfulness is remembering to do it.

Let me be your real-life-real-time coach. 


Because research shows that it’s easier to achieve our goals together rather than alone 💕 

Because connection is a catalyst for change 🔥

Because more mindful individuals = more loving, understanding, and compassionate societies 🙌

The Real Deal

There’s only so much that I can talk about how meaningful the power of connection is while only offering self-paced courses.

Truly, while I love filming and writing content in advance that I do believe is life-changing, ultimately, you won’t get anything out of it unless you actually ACT. 

And what I’ve found is that while most people believe they value being mindful, life gets busy, plans take over, responsibilities grow, we get distracted, and simply don’t prioritize it. 

So I am here to make it as EASY as possible for you to remember to be mindful and know WTF you actually need to do. You will need to try really hard to tune me out 😆 

I am here to be in your face about mindfulness. Because I really do believe it’s that important and I’m here to show you that being mindful in your daily life is actually not as hard as you might think. 

Once you learn a few basic mindset shifts about what it means to be mindful and how to actually use it to your advantage, you will see a WORLD of difference in how you feel and act and what you prioritize every day. 

If you signed up using the recordings, you can recreate this experience by logging into the member's area (right here) periodically throughout the day and playing along as though we're live. You can set alerts on your phone and computer to remember and see if it gets easier each day 🤗

The Catch

As with anything, you will only see the results if you actually take the actions. I’m here to help remind you of the actions, answer your questions, give you prompts that I KNOW will help, but at the end of the day, YOU have to do the work. 

The Real Get 

  • Daily mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • Daily check-ins from me
  • My tips for remembering to be mindful
  • My teachings on why and how to use mindfulness to your advantage
  • Different ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life
  • How to spot benefits and lock them in
  • How to keep going when you’re tired, bored, unmotivated
  • I give you guidance, journaling prompts, and suggestions multiple times a day

Other Details

This is a live time-limited immersive experience that I run periodically. I really want you to feel what it’s like to integrate mindfulness fully into your day-to-day life. Join live to get the benefits of community, live Q&A, and real-time magic, or re-create it for yourself anytime by playing along with the recordings at any time that's convenient for you! When I run a live round in the future you'll get to join and then have an additional set of 5-days added to the course. 


    • Is this therapy?

    Absolutely not. Even though I am a licensed mental health provider, the group forum is meant for discussions on mindfulness, meditation, and values-based living. Anyone who purchases this collection will not be considered a therapy client, we will not have a client-therapist relationship, and all information provided is for information and educational purposes only. 

    That being said, my brain doesn’t have an off switch. So you’re still getting the wisdom of someone who’s gone through graduate school, received their doctorate, and has been educating people on mindfulness, stress management, and values for over a decade. It just so happens that I'll be discussing how all of that knowledge and experience is filtered through the lens of mindfulness and how you can harness it 🤗

        • What are all the pricing options?

        1) Full access to the immersive collection is just $55! 

        *2) If you want full access to the collection AND individualized coaching from me (via a private Telegram chat) during a set of 5 consecutive days (to be scheduled between us after purchase), it's $555.

        That's $111 a day for private, one-on-one access to me! This is absolutely incredible value. I've never given this kind of chat access before 🤯 

        *Please note that this option is not available to anyone who is a current or former therapy client of mine. Our chat will be used for helping you fully integrate mindfulness into your life and how you can use it to make values-based choices, as well as set up a meditation practice if that's one of your goals. 

        I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m SO excited to connect with you on this kind of intimate level. I have so much to share with you! This is a phenomenal experience that will ignite the rest of your mindful life 🔥 

        (The original details for the immersive experience including what you can expect if you purchase the recordings and play along for 5 days 🤩 You can expect even more if you opt for the VIP option where I will personally support you along the way 🔥)

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