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Hi There!

This is my monthly Meditation Library! 🎼🧘‍♀️

Whether you're a meditation newbie or have been practicing for years, I know how important it is to have a variety of styles and lengths of practices to listen to. The recordings I include in this library can't be found anywhere outside of Together Mindful 😉

Some of these meditations are part of my larger courses, others are never-before-shared recordings I've created for individual clients, and some are brand new just for this membership 🤩 

Since grad school I've been told I have a very soothing voice, especially when I facilitate meditation practices. Individual clients regularly ask me to use part of their session time to meditate. So I finally decided to create a resource you can come back to any time just to meditate with me 🧘‍♀️

  • Get a monthly pass for only $9! (limited time launch price 😍)
  • Sign up for the whole year for just $97! 🙌

Meditations are split up into Audio & Video Sections and are categorized by length of time:

  • Micro-Meditations - 1 Minute
  • Mini-Meditations - 3 Minutes
  • Standard-Meditations - 5-10 minutes
  • Long-Meditations - 10+ minutes

New meditations are being added regularly 🤗 The more value I add, the higher the membership price will be later. When you sign up, you lock in your price for as long as you're a member 🔒🤯 Because I appreciate you SO much! ❤️ 

There are already over 30 meditations in the library 🧘‍♀️

Here are just a few of my favorite tracks:

✨ The Taster

✨ Mindfulness of an Object

✨ Supportive Time Traveling

✨ Grounding

✨ Feeling Safe

Ready to join us for some peace? 🕊

Please Note

"Access" means all meditations are listen/view-only for as long as you're in the membership and are protected under my copyright. 

If there are any meditations you want to buy so that you can download them for lifetime personal use, send me a quick email with your favorite tracks and I will create a personalized offer for you 🤗

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