VIP Day - Telegram 1:1 Chat

Do you ever wish you could have a personal coach in your pocket?

My individual clients always tell me they wish they could just bring me along wherever they go 😂 

Well, you have the opportunity to do just that! 

In this VIP Day you and I will chat one-on-one in a private Telegram group. This is a chat app similar to text messaging, Voxer, and WhatsApp where we can type and send each other voice notes. 

For a full day you and I will chat back and forth addressing all your questions! 

We can talk about anything and everything to help you live a life you love, practice mindfulness, meet your goals, address challenges, and explore your inner world! 🤓

What does that actually mean?!

It means that I'll use my 10+ years in the field of psychology + my mindfulness and meditation experience teaching and practicing + everything else I've learned in nearly 35 years of my life being an avid learner and lover of all things personal development, to help YOU with whatever you need. 

We can talk about relationships, business, family, stress, money, time, abundance, life, death, sex, transitions, self-care, traveling, empowerment, leadership, communication, fun, and whatever else your heart, mind, & soul desire 😍 

I know a lot of things about A LOT of things so you're only limited by your own boundaries and imagination 😁

Is there anything we can't talk about?

Yes. Because I am a therapist in addition to a coach, I have to make it clear that we cannot discuss mental health diagnosis or treatment. If you have concerns about your mental health, please address them with your own mental health and/or medical provider. If you're not sure, just ask and either I'll answer your question or point you in the right direction 😊 I've accumulated tons of resources over the years that I'm happy to share ❤️

How can this help me?*

The truth is, not everyone needs to work with a coach long-term. Certain problems, questions, and ideas can be figured out pretty quickly with enough focused attention and the right tools. 

I have a knack for knowing where my clients want or need to go, often way before they even realize it. Let me help you learn more about yourself in one day than you might have ever allowed yourself before!

Save time, energy, and thousands of dollars 💰 by addressing your most pressing concerns all in one day. Nothing is off the table 👻 (besides what's mentioned above).

$555 - VIP Day - Includes 1:1 Telegram Chat & a surprise or two 🎁😁✨

$1997 - VIP Month - Includes 4 1:1 Telegram Days!

Ready to uncover your own superpowers? 🤩

*VIP Day not available for current or past therapy clients of mine. 

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