Thriving Through Imperfection: Practical skills for mental clarity, emotional wisdom, and aligned action

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. 

Never has that rung truer than when I talk to ambitious clients who all want to be successful and feel happy while continuing to burn themselves out 😅

Let me ask you:

- Do you have multiple to-do lists that anyone else would feel overwhelmed by?

- Do you set yourself a reminder and a back-up reminder and sometimes another alarm for the really important things? 👀

- Do you keep thinking about a 'what if' problem long before it's actually a problem and often long after it stopped being a problem? 😳

- Do you get trapped in cycles of "all or nothing" thinking where either you go all in (and often burn out 😰) or don't bother at all (because what's the point if you can't do it 💯)?

Then you, my friend, might be a perfectionist. It's okay, I am too. Well, I call myself a "recovering perfectionist" because now I'm more aware of what I do and I actually try to do it differently once I realize I'm stuck or not where I want to be. 

➡️ So what can you actually do? ⬅️ 

🌸 Thriving Through Imperfection 🌸

Practical skills for mental clarity, emotional wisdom, and aligned action

This transformative 8-week program focuses on increasing your mental and emotional intelligence, while empowering you to create real-world change based on who YOU are. With a supportive and inspiring community, you’ll learn research-backed strategies and techniques that promote mind and body wellness while nourishing your distinct quirky soul 🤗

What's included?

  • 6 Audio modules for easy listening on your time
  • Community chat so you're never alone, can share struggles and celebrations, be inspired, and stay accountable to yourself and the group
  • Group coaching by me in the chat
  • Q&A and hot seat coaching live by video


The full cost of the program is $797. This is a ridiculously low price given how much time, energy, and expertise I've poured into it, the number of trainings you get (lifetime access!), two live calls, and 8 weeks of on-demand support I will provide! It's literally like having a coach in your pocket 😍 

I want you to experience phenomenal, literally brain-shifting results in just 2 months and I want you to feel SO supported through it all ❤️ I know I'll be bringing everything I have into it 😊 

The question is, are you ready? 🔥

More details here.

7 Modules

Week 4: Integration Week

This week doesn't have any lessons. I intentionally created this program with built-in time for you to practice and synthesize the material you've learned so far. 

Modules for this product 7
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